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Camp is a family business owned by Janel Wood and inspired from a cross country trip with our family.

Looking back to the days of family roads trips and weekend ventures brings many fond memories and a sense of family that only comes from the bonding of a great family adventure. With we hope to bring back the adventure and the quest for the unknown that makes the whole family thirst for an journey on the open road. And even if you don't yet have a family or your children have long sense grown we hope you can use this website to make you want to get up and go. Currently there are many thousands of RV sites and campgrounds in our database. We are in the process of editing and updating the information for all the items in the database. Once the campgrounds themselves sign in and start updating their information this process will become significantly faster so we can then move on to adding more and more to our database. We have room for service and repair facilities as well as veterinarians and storage facilities. We certainly can't wait until we are jam packed with everything for the traveler.

With all that, we have a vision to be the one stop for all your travel needs. From RV Spots, BoonDocks and tent camping and everything that goes with it, we want to be your source.

Even for the professional driver we want to provide the most complete and up to date information to make the daily grind just a little more easier. And once we have a database of road hazards, we can help make your job a little smoother with less u-turns or back ups. is an traditional advertising free website. Your subscriptions allow us to operate without bombarding you with ads or selling off tracking data to the many companies interested in your on-line habits.

Personal subscriptions are $2.99 monthly and allow access to special discounted rates and enhanced access to subscriber only website features.

Business subscriptions are $4.99 monthly and get 2 preferential listings per search page with highlighting and ability to respond to customer ratings and reviews. Subscribing businesses also can review our happy campers database.

The costs of website space with advanced features and database storage is not free and we hope that the small subscription price will encourage most to subscribe and help us keep growing and expanding to become the premier RV, Travel and camping reference website on the Internet.

Please feel free to drop us a line to tell us how we are doing or if you have some suggestions. In the meantime enjoy what we have, spread the word and let's get this machine running.

We are glad you are here!

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