State Sponsorship Subscriptions

Before anything else, let us say THANK YOU for considering becoming a State Sponsor. Because you are here means the world to us.

We are RROADS.us a female owned, family operated on-line directory That features everything cool, awesome, fantastic, odd or unique that people love to seek out and find. Although we started out as a RV Park and Campground directory inside people find everything from the latest amusement park to the largest ball of twine. We have fun houses and unique shops. Perfect for the person looking for that one of a kind item or wants to take the family to see a wax museum after a jousting match. If it's along the road or out of the way you need to be in our directory. And we may have DisneyLand but we also have room for Sheriff Johns family park too! And the best part we are super affordable. We know what it is to be a small business trying to stretch every dollar and getting the most back for the buck.

Our State Sponsors have a banner displayed on every State page and we have a limited number of sponsors for each State and once they are gone, well they are gone. You as a selected business can be seen in all searches within the State or States of your choosing.

State Sponsorship banners for your business appear on multiple exposure opportunities:

  • Facebook – Featured Property Posts
  • Twitter – Featured Property Posts
  • LinkedIn – Featured Property Posts
  • State Searches – RROADS.us (search over 250 items, 75+ activities plus RV Parks and Campgrounds, Restaurants, Attractions, Service and Repair centers, Fuel Stops and Veterinarians)
  • State Travel Information - RROADS.us
  • State Facts – RROADS.us
  • Property Details – RROADS.us
Beyond a traditional banner advertisement our State Sponsorship subscription includes:

  • Banner Title
  • Banner Graphic ad (728x90)
  • Banner Text, a couple of lines to say something about your organization
  • Banner Links directly to your URL
  • Limited competition and Targeted marketing
Our State Sponsorship banner program has 2 guarantees;
** No matter how large we become **
  1. The price will never increase as long as you remain a sponsor.
  2. There will never be more than 10 State Sponsorship's per State.
This is a huge opportunity and for about the price of a daily cup of coffee or a drop in your advertising budget bucket, our State Sponsorship subscription provides you ever increasing exposure and helping build an American family based business. Space is limited, only 10 State Sponsorships per State are available and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Business State Sponsorship : $150.00   Send State Sponsorship Subscription Request via Email
This is a monthly subscription.
Compare at 1/4 to 1/2 price of the same services at $3200-$5000 or more elsewhere.

State Sponsorship banners are rotated equally and each banner is displayed once per page view. New pages will display a new State Sponsorship banner.

Send us your banner image (728x90) with title, text, URL and State preference so we can get your banner posted.

State Sponsorship banner example:


The Heart of Your Adventure
More State Sponsorship's May Be Available.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please feel free to reach out to Janel or Michael. We can't wait for you to join with us!

From the full time RV family of RROADS.us, Thank you for your time and consideration,

Janel & Michael Wood

Formerly Got-RV.com