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We love enjoy bringing you RRoads.us. It truly is a labor of love.

Sadly though the servers, the hosting, the database isn't free not to mention all the time to add, update and maintain it, this is where we have to ask you for your help in the form of a very small subscription.

Because we are a small family business with very little overhead you will see the results of your subscription quickly. Your subscription isn't going to another company car but goes directly to improving operations, increasing marketing and pursuing more and more discounts for you, our subscribers!

With your help, we can create an awesome tool that you can use over and over again, saving you money every time you venture and travel.

We use PayPal for your security and protection. If however you have objection to PayPal, please let us know and we can set up payments using Intuit and our Intuit Quickbooks business account. Note that we have not yet integrated Quickbooks into our website we prefer you utilize PayPal until we add our merchant services online.

Personal Subscriptions

What do you get with a personal subscription:

Registered User Benefits:
  • Access to the most detailed Road Trip, Travel and Vacation Destinations, Diversions and Services Directory on the planet.
  • Growing database that includes destinations, attractions and services.
  • Highly detailed property listings.
  • Real life reviews from only registered (aka real) users.
  • Search over 250 different amenities and features.
  • 5 check lists of 20 items to use and reuse.
  • 16,000 farmers markets for fresh food alternatives.
  • Use maps to plan your route based upon miles and traffic.
  • Discover new places you didn't know existed.


Subscribing User Benefits:
  • Discounted rates at select parks, resorts, attractions and activities.
  • Discounts on select services and parts.
  • Photo log journal of all your stops that you can view update and share.
  • Advance notice of any special deals and offers we get for you.
  • Access to the soon to be released trip planning and routing.
  • Access to any other future updates as they become available.
  • The satisfaction in knowing you are helping an American Family business

All for 10 cents a day! No where else will you find so much for so little! Click to claim savings and discounts, subscribe now.
Personal : $2.99   Send Personal Subscription Request via Email

This is a $2.99 monthly subscription. Less than 10 cents a day!
Nowhere is there a better discount and directory package than right here for for $36 a year at RRoads.us.

Get one month free! Click below and get a one month free on a trial period.

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*** You do not have to be a subscriber to use most of the features of RRoads.us.

However, your support goes to helping a small American Family Business grow and prosper as we bring you more and more features and money saving discounts!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out EMAIL RRoads.us.

Business Subscriptions

Registered Business Benefits:
  • Access to the Most Detailed Directory On The Planet!
  • Full page listing with as much detail as you want.
  • 10 Images.
  • 10 Icons.
  • 2 Unlimited Text areas for fully formatted descriptive text.
  • Embedded videos!
  • Automatic posting to social media when your listing is updated*
  • Direct link to your website.
  • Over 250 search criteria to highlight the amenities and features you offer.
  • 3 different email addresses for notifications.
  • Reservations like system allowing you to handle requests at your leisure.
  • Appointment setting / contact requests for non-reservation facilities.
  • Discount club of your design.
  • Highlight any discount club you already belong to.
  • Receive ratings and reviews with visitor recommendations.


Subscribing Business Benefits:
  • Top of the list, head of the line listing order.
  • 2 exposures of your property in every listing where you would normally only get one.
  • Highlighted listing in all searches.
  • Notification of all reviews of your property.
  • Ability to respond to each and every review.
  • Hands free maintenance of your listing. If you choose.
  • Special promotion offers on State Sponsorship banner advertising.
  • Partnering with the most detailed directory on the planet!

*Businesses cannot find a more affordable and beneficial discount club, advertising, reservations, listings and directory package anywhere! Get noticed on the most detailed directory on the planet and all for about 16 cents a day! Click subscribe now.

Business : $4.99   Send Business Subscription Request via Email

This is a $4.99 monthly subscription.
Compare our $60 a year to the hundreds-thousands of dollars or more for the same service elsewhere!

1 Month Free!   Get one month free! Subscribe today and get the first month free on our trial program.

Business One Year: $60.00   Don't want a monthly subscription?

Click below for our one year subscription? No Problem. Click Below.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out EMAIL RRoads.us.

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The Heart of Your Adventure
More State Sponsorship's May Be Available.

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From the family business of RRoads.us

Thank you,
Janel & Michael Wood


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